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Well, we did it!! Steve and I have just completed our first home improvement book together!!  It’s called FIX IT IN A FLASH!

This has been such an amazing experience for the both of us. Asked to write it back in July of 2007 by my would-be editor, David Thiel from F & W Publications, I was a bit hesitant to commit to writing a book…I’d never done it and I was a bit nervous, to say the least! After many discussions, David and I agreed that having a home improvement how-to book with my real-life co-host, Steve, would be a great approach. Steve is just as handy around the house as I am, and he’s a writer…perfect fit! We also decided to shoot an accompanying DVD with ten of the twenty-five projects Steve and I tackled in the book. That’s where the fun began! I was so used to working in front of the camera. Steve, on the other hand, had always worked BEHIND the camera. We had a blast, despite Steve’s baptism by fire in being on camera. He was a trouper!

The release date is September 2009. I hope that you all will enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed writing it! :)


    • Danchristopher says:

      Hey Jodie,

      Congratulations on finishing the book. I know you and Steve have put in alot of time working on it.
      Stacy just told me the other day that you could order one in advance. But I said of course I can. But I will have to take a trip and have my friend Jodie sign it for me. That will make it even more special. We have been talking about coming back since we saw you.

      You and Hannah,just made us feel like we were at home. I never had had the kids asked to go back to visist as they are to return to see you guys.

      So which stores will the book be released so we can look forward to seeing it on the shelves.
      Talk Soon,

    • sam biondo says:

      Hey Jodie;

      Congrats on the book, i cant get a hold of you with the number i have call or write.

    • Tony says:

      Sounds like a winner! Can’t wait to see the book. Your next project should be that line of “Jodi Marks” tools, tough enough for a man but built for the lady. The heck with promoting those other tools, I can see the dislpay now at the home center.
      Talk soon,

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