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My latest photo: I love old cars!

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This is part of a private collection here in Atlanta. My father is also a collector of vintage cars and he gets the opportunity to tour other collections in the southeast. I tagged along and got to see some amazing cars. Truly they don’t make them like they used to.


    • Jason says:

      You have really great taste. Those cars are a true work of art.

    • Jodi Marks says:

      Thanks, Jason! I need to post some pictures of my dad’s cars…he sticks to the ’57 era cars…Chevy and Cadillac. Priceless! :)

    • Jason says:

      Hey Jodi. If your dad doesn’t care and you have time, I’d appreciate seeing his cars. There probably no place to post a photo of my car being built/finished on here.?

    • Jodi Marks says:

      Actually you can go to my Facebook page, Jodi Marks Home Improvement, and see photos of my dad’s cars and you can post a pic or two of your cars, as well. Would love to see them. Dad usually shows his cars during the summer months around Atlanta. Plus he typically drives his pink Cadillac up to the Marietta Diner on Tuesday mornings with the other 50+ antique cars from the area. It’s a hoot! If you are local, you should check it out. :)

    • Jason Driver says:

      Hi Jodi, sorry I haven’t checked out your site for a minute (long minute…)if I get a chance, I might finally sign up to facespace, mybook or whatever the latest thing is these days. I really spend more time doing other things then I do online. Thank you so much for even responding to me. I honestly would like to see your dad’s cars. Or maybe you could send them to me via my email? I promise to keep it confidential. Thanks- Jason

    • Jason Driver says:

      BTW, I am no where close to ATL… Just changed planes there is all. I’m in Indiana.Not too far from Auburn, Cord, Duesenberg factory. Talk about major mid-west metal across the board.Plus alot of detroit muscle…thanks again

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