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Latest Media Shot – my homage to USC!

Gamecocks Jodi 016


    • Bill Young says:

      Great picture. Been a fan for many years and so glad you are back on the air. Great tips and advice and you are still beautiful!

    • Jodi Marks says:

      Thanks, Bill! It means a lot that you have watched the shows over the years and thank you for the kind words!
      Take care,

    • Ed White says:

      Well you are as beautiful as ever. I have also as many others watch you grow up on TV and I too grew up in Atlanta learn to work with wood from my late uncle. I now live south in Warner Robins..Woodworking is a hobby fire fighting was my occupation for 34 years (retire chief) and woodworking is still my hobby. Would love for you to do a tv show like Norm or Amy I bet you would be great. Have a bless day

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