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One of the things I love about my job is that I get to play around with products in the home improvement/construction industry. Today I have my hands on a fantastic product by LITOKOL. Glass tiles are HUGE for tiling showers, backslashes, pools, fountains, just about anywhere you want to highlight beautiful tiles. But not all setting materials and grouts are equal when you want the absolute best performance, especially in these wet areas.

In this photo I am using Litokol’s Litoelastic setting material. They truly have the best on the market for waterproofing the substrate before placing your tiles. Plus, their Starlike Grout line is in a league all on their own. Mix either the Galaxy, Spotlight or Gold additive to any of the classic or glamour base colors and you will transform your tiling project into something truly spectacular! To see what all you can do with their products, clink HERE! 


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